F-Gas Certificates Post BREXIT!!!!
   22 Nov 2018
ONLY F-Gas Certificates issued in the EU member States are mutually recognised!!!

F-Gas Regulation “Article 14”
   13 Jan 2017
This is reminder of the requirement in Article 14 of the F gas regulations that products and equipment containing F gases need to be accounted for in the quota system. 

The Hole in the Ozone Layer
   01 Jul 2016
As you aware, CFC gases used in refrigeration and air-conditioning such as R12 & R22 etc have been banned under the Montreal Protocol as they effect the Ozone layer.

EPA Guidance Documents
   12 Apr 2016
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have just published a range of guidance documents in relation to the F-Gas Regulations - they include information on compliance and requirements.

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