Brexit Exchange Certificates

   24 Jul 2019

ONLY F-Gas Certificates issued in the EU 27 member States are mutually recognised


Exchange Company Registration Certificates

From the 22nd July 2019 you can apply to F Gas Registration Ltd for an exchange Company certificate ( see web site for details) and exchange your UK - F Gas Company Registration Certificate for an Irish certificate. The UK certificate being exchanged must be valid up to the 31st December 2019.

The exchange certificate you will be issued with will be valid until 31st December 2019.

There will be no fee or charge associate with the issue of the exchange certificate.

Applications must be received by  F Gas Registration Ltd before 11.00pm on the 31st of October 2019. After this deadline no application can be accepted.

Please note that this is the current planned date and there may be changes to this date with developments in the BREXIT process. An Earlier date might be imposed.

 After this date all applications will have a membership fee as detailed on the F Gas Registration web site.

Application information is on the web site and is summarised as follows:

Initially applications c/w a copy of the UK certificate may be submitted to F Gas registration on email

The process will be automated shortly.

The application will be vetted and an exchange certificate issued. Issue will be in order of receipt of applications.

If there are any issues or queries related to your application you will be contacted by F Gas Registration.

For the year 2020 an all subsequent years you will need to be registered with F Gas Registration.

You will be required to register as a new applicant. You will simply follow the New Registration process on the Web Site but bear in mind that your Engineers certificates must be valid EU27 certificates not UK certificates.